Our Volunteers

Volunteers are the driving force behind our sport; and if you've got some free time to help, we would love to hear from you!

Our sport is run, in no small part, thanks to the tireless efforts of our many volunteers, who freely give up their time to make sure our children have the chance to play an exciting, fun, and safe team sport. It's because of the efforts of these dedicated individuals, that our sport is so well managed at a local, grass-roots level.

Do I need a Blue Card?

We've compiled some information to help you answer this question, but we recommend getting one anyway!

Child Safety INFO

What ways can I volunteer?

There's several ways that you can get involved as a volunteer, but here's just a few:

  • Coach or manage a team
  • Referee
  • Join your club's committee
  • Coordinate or assist with taking registrations and payments
  • Coordinate or assist with the club's uniforms
  • Coordinate or assist with your club's social functions (season break-up, etc.)
  • Run your club's social and digital media (i.e. Facebook page, website, etc.)
  • and many more...

Are you a student or recent graduate looking for experience, help out your club and gather invaluable experience in your field.

  • Journalism, Media or Public Relations: Ask the committee if you could assist by providing media releases to local news outlets, generate content plans and write content.
  • Photography: Become the club's official photographer at tournaments, events and competitions. Work with media to promote your work.
  • Graphic Design: Assist in generating posters and social media content
  • Coaching or Officiating: Learn transferable skills by being mentored by the current coach and referees in your area.
  • Sport Medicine: Work closely with the coach for encouraging fitness helping the coach focus on the skill or the team.
  • Finance Study: Assist the treasurer in their reporting aspects as well as learning hands on accounting skills.
  • Physiotherapy, Massage or Strapping: Event day support of the players, or even touring with the teams (pending qualification).

If you're ready to get involved, contact your club and let them know!

But I don't have much free time...

That's okay, we don't need to you work a full-time job, just give up an hour or so when you are free. Volunteers are valued, no matter how much time they can give, so don't be afraid to offer an just an hour a week; it all makes a big difference!

Volunteers are the lifeblood of community sport, and every year we recognise their invaluable contribution through the Townsville Junior Touch Football Joanne Sale Award for Volunteer of the Year.

First presented in 2016, the award recognises those individuals that go above-and-beyond throughout the year to help their club, the organisation (Townsville Junior Touch Football), and the sport of touch football.

In 2018, with the blessing of the Sale family, Townsville Junior Touch Football named the award to honour the memory of one of our sports most dedicated volunteers - touch football stalwart and late president of the Frogs Touch Club, Joanne Sale.

Read more about the naming of the Joanne Sale Award

Nominations for the Joanne Sale Award for Volunteer of the Year are open for three weeks from the start of November each year, with all nominees (one per club) being announced on Semi Final night (Friday) and the overall winner being announced the following week (Grand Final night).

To nominate a dedicated volunteer from your club, speak to your club committee or contact TJT.

YearNomineesOverall Recipient
2016 Cherrie Pierce (read more)
  • David Argent
  • Michelle Edmonds
  • Renee Flach
  • Marcus Muller
  • Cherrie Pierce
  • Leigh Preston
  • Sheralee Pugh
  • Denise Weier

(Read more)

Sheralee Pugh (read more)
  • Alison Twiname
  • Allison Bessell
  • Bobbie McMinn
  • Bailey Sloman
  • Leigh Preston
  • Kayla Pike
  • Jason Pierce

(Read more)

Leigh Preston
  • Alison Twiname
  • Travis Johnston
  • Bobbie McMinn
  • Leanne Ottaway
  • Jodi Villalba
  • Kayla Pike
  • Chris Brown

(Read more)

Kayla Pike
  • Donna Hartley
  • Jason Buczynsky
  • Bobbie McMinn
  • Shelley Griffiths
  • Merissa Rowe
  • Michelle Sinclair
  • Lachlan Carey

(Read more)

Bobbie McMinn
  • Belinda Chittleborough
  • Jason Buczynsky
  • Sue Salter
  • Renee Marsh
  • Steven McCarron
  • Darcy Rowe
  • Cherrie Pierce

(Read more)

Belinda Chittleborough (read more)
  • Jacob Hall
  • David Argent
  • Jessica Lee

(Read more)

David Argent (read more)