Coaching or Managing a Team

If you're coaching or managing a team this season, or you're looking to start your journey as a touch football coach, this section is for you!

Here you will find some important information about the role of team coaches and managers in our competitions. You'll find information about accreditations, team management, and some resources to help you develop your skills.

Team Manager App

2023 Team Management Pack

Download a copy of the 2023 TJT Team Management Pack.
It will help you understand the requirements of your role in a TJT-run competition.

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Coaching Accreditation (Required)

All coaches in our competitions MUST have a current (valid) Touch Football Australia coaching accreditation before they commence coaching a side.

To find out what courses are available to complete, click here. All courses can be completed FOR FREE for our members, so make sure you follow the instructions listed here.

Accreditation can be at any level (Foundation, Talent, Elite, Mastery), but must be recognised by Touch Football Australia (TFA) as current (i.e. completed within the last four years) and registered/recorded in THE NEST, TFA's online learning management system.

Existing accreditation holders can register/record their accreditation in THE NEST by completing a "TFA Coach RPL/RCC" module, which simply involves entering your current accreditation data.


Blue Card (Working With Children Check)

Every coach, manager, referee, and official who is aged 18 or older MUST possess a current (and valid) Blue Card, issued by the Queensland Government's Blue Card Services.

The only exceptions are as follows:

  1. You are a parent, and you are coaching/managing a team that your child is playing in; or
  2. You hold a current and valid Exemption Card (issued by QLD Blue Card Services).
Is My Card Valid?

For your Blue Card or Exemption Card to be valid, it must:

  1. Not be expired; and
  2. Not be suspended or revoked; and
  3. Be linked to your club (you must send your card number, expiry date, and your date-of-birth, to your club so they can do this); and
  4. Be in your possession or able to be quickly produced if requested.
How do I apply for a Blue Card (or Exemption)?

If you don't already have a current and valid Blue Card, and you are eligible to apply for one, you must do so via the Blue Card Services online portal -

Once you create your account on the online portal, you will receive an account number, which you need to forward to your club so they can link you and the system will know that your are a Volunteer (otherwise you'll be forced to pay a fee!).

If you need help, contact your club.

Before My Game

Know the Rules

As a coach or manager, you'll need to make sure your team is playing within the rules. To make sure you are up-to-date, download a copy of the current TFA Playing Rules and TJT Competition Rules from the Rules page on our website.

While the TFA Playing Rules cover the way you play "on the field", the TJT Competition Rules cover the rules around how our competitions work, and how your team operates within those competitions. By reading the competition rules you'll likely be able to answer many of the questions that would normally get asked to your club's committee.

Submitting Your Roster

Each week you'll need to submit your playing roster. This is required to cover you and your players for insurance (in case they get injured) and so TJT can record who is eligible for finals.

Submitting your playing roster is a very simple via the TTF Team Manager App - available from on your mobile phone! (Contact your club to get your team's code).

Your match will be open from midnight until thirty (30) minutes after your match finishes. If you don't tick your players off in the Team Manager app before this time, you won't be able to, so don't forget!

Reminder: If you don't submit your roster, then your players may not have enough recorded games to make them eligible to play in the finals series!

Team Availability / Rescheduling / Forfeiting

If your team isn't available to play in a specific week, you have two options:

  1. Try to reschedule your match to another day or time; or
  2. Forfeit the match.

In either instance, you'll need to speak to your club's junior coordinator or delegate as they will help you through the process.