Summer Season Overview

Townsville Junior Touch Football conducts separate club-based, boys and girls touch football competitions from late August to early December, for children aged six (6) to sixteen (16).

Important COVID-19 Information

Townsville Junior Touch Football, including all of our members, spectators, and officials, are required to adhere to all relevant state and federal regulations and laws regarding the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Please note: Townsville Junior Touch Football is bound by determinations made by our parent body (Townsville Touch Football), and state (Queensland Touch Football) and national (Touch Football Australia) governing bodies surrounding the safe conduct of touch football competitions during this pandemic. Should state/federal health authorities determine that community sport be halted due to the pandemic, Townsville Junior Touch Football will determine the best course of action for the competition and will advise all participants once able to. This may result in the complete cancellation of the competition, as was the case in 2020 Winter season.

Important Dates

  • Round 1 for 13's - 16's age groups - Thursday 18 August, 2022
  • Round 1 for 7's - 12's age groups - Friday 19 August, 2022
  • No games (School Holidays) - 22 September to 30 September, 2022
  • Grand Finals (all age groups) - Friday 2 December 2021

Competition Rules

Our competitions operate under the Touch Football Australia Playing Rules, with some modifications for age groups.

Competition Rules

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Age Divisions & Expected Match Times

Please note: the times displayed below are subject to change without notice, pending team nominations and field condition. Teams should expect to play the majority of their matches in the timeslots shown below, however should also expect to have an occasional match played in the timeslot immediately before or after, pending team numbers, as well as field condition and availability.

Thursday Nights Nights
Ages 13 & Under (cannot turn fourteen this year)
Expected time: 5:30pm & 6:20pm
Ages 14 & Under (cannot turn fifteen this year)
Expected time: 6:20pm & 7:10pm
Ages 15 & Under (cannot turn sixteen this year)
Expected time: 8:00pm
Ages 16 & Under (cannot turn seventeen this year)
Expected time: 8:50pm
Friday Nights
Ages 7 & Under (cannot turn eight this year)
Expected time: 5:00 pm
Ages 8 & Under (cannot turn nine this year)
Expected time: 5:00 pm
Ages 9 & Under (cannot turn ten this year)
Expected time: 5:45 pm
Ages 10 & Under (cannot turn eleven this year)
Expected time: 5:45 pm
Ages 11 & Under (cannot turn twelve this year)
Expected time: 6:40 pm & 7:30pm
Ages 12 & Under (cannot turn thirteen this year)
Expected time: 7:30pm & 8:20pm

Finals Series

The finals series will be played as follows:


  • In order to play finals, a play must have played (and been correctly recorded as "played") for at least four (4) matches for their team during the season.
  • Failing to record participation correctly will result in that match not counting towards finals eligibility and may result in the team forfeiting their match.

Semi Finals

  • 13's - 16's age groups - Thursday November 25, 2021
  • 9's - 12's age groups - Friday November 26, 2021

Grand Finals

  • All age groups will play on Friday December 3, 2021
  • Please be aware that the game times may be different to when teams play during the regular season:
    • 5 PM - final round of 7's and 8's games
    • 5:45 PM - grand finals for 9's, 10's and 11's age groups
    • 6:40 PM - grand finals for 12's and 14's age groups
    • 7:30 PM - grand finals for 13's and 15's age groups
    • 8:20 PM - grand finals for 16's age group

7's & 8's

  • No finals series are played for the 7's and 8's age groups as the competitions are focused on participation and skill development.
  • Normal games will be played on 25th November and 2nd December.
  • Teams who are unable to play in the final two weeks must notify TJT in advance to ensure other teams are unaffected.

2022 Round Schedule

1THUR 18-Aug (13's-16's)
FRI 19-Aug (7's-12's)
225-Aug (13's-16's)
& 26-Aug (7's-12's)
31-Sep (13's-16's)
& 2-Sep (7's-12's)
R U OK? Round8-Sep (13's-16's)
& 9-Sep (7's-12's)
515-Sep (13's-16's)
& 16 Sep (7's-12's)
No games (School Holidays)22-Sep to 30-Sept
66-Oct (13's-16's)
& 7-Oct (7's-12's)
713-Oct (13's-16's)
& 14-Oct (7's-12's)
820-Oct (13's-16's)
& 21-Oct (7's-12's)
927-Oct (13's-16's)
& 28-Oct (7's-12's)
103-Nov (13's-16's)
& 4-Nov (7's-12's)
1110-Nov (13's-16's)
& 11-Nov (7's-12's)
1217-Nov (13's-16's)
& 18-Nov (7's-12's)
Semi Finals24-Nov (13's-16's)
& 25-Nov (7's-12's)
Grand Finals2-Dec (9's-16's)

Ready to Play?

Sign-on for the 2022 junior touch football summer season is open from July 1, but places will fill fast!