Brothers, Sharks Take the Title

Brothers Gold and Sharks Black have claimed the 2016 Townsville Junior Touch Football Boys and Girls 16 and under aged divisions after narrow victories in Friday night's grand finals.

With scores tied up for both games at 3-3 midway through the second-half, it was a nail-biting conclusion to the 2016 junior touch football season as both games went down to the wire.

In the 16 Boys, Brothers Gold managed to hold a late lead of 4-3 until the siren, as Sharks put up a brilliant fight to get themselves in a position to even the score. But it wasn't to be for the Sharks side, just beaten by the clock. Brothers player Jake Siandri was pivotal in his side's victory and was named Play of the Final for his efforts.

It was an even closer affair in the 16 Girls division with Sharks Black and Frogs Black battling it out to a 4-all full-time score, and the game heading for extra time. Despite the drop-off removing a player from each team, the line couldn't be broken in the first few minutes as an eager crowd watched on. Eventually the Sharks side crossed the line and claimed the win, taking out the division with a final score of 5-4. Despite not walking away with the victory, Frogs Black secured the Player of the Final award, with Hayley Buchanan recognised as one of the stand-out players.

The future of touch football is definitely in good hands if Friday night's games are anything to go by. Comments could be heard all throughout the evening, from spectator and official alike, that the skill-level of our up-and-coming players is something to admire.

Junior touch football will return in 2017 with the junior mixed competitions for 12's and 14's starting on March 9, 2017. Visit for more information.

Full results:

Grade Winners     Runners Up   Player of the Final (Team) Grand Final Referees
9 Boys Frogs Green 2 1 Redskins Takanayas   Marley Proctor Frogs Green Conor Larkin, Ethan Marsh, Jude DiGiacomo
9 Girls Brothers Bumble Bees 8 3 Rum Runners Red   Isabelle Irish Rum Runners Red Tenika Stewart, Eliza Broughall, Paul Stewart
10 Boys Crocs Gold 3 0 Sharks Black   Sean Weir Sharks Black Hannah Egan, Meckenzie Hudson, Steve Belltramelli
10 Girls Redskins Spirits 3 1 Redskins Roar   Mikayla Blackmore Redskins Roar Makenzie Weier, Summer Donnely
11 Boys Redskins Tomohawks 3 2 Brothers Da Boyz   Jordan Murtha Brothers Da Boyz Zachary McMinn, Lachlan Carey, Taleisha Perfect
11 Girls Sharks Blue 6 3 Redskins Feathers   Ruby Mitchell Sharks Blue Sophie Lew, Jessica Norris, Abigail Muller
12 Boys Sharks Blue 5 4 Frogs Black **DROP -OFF** Ciaran Moran Frogs Black Connor Campbell, Steve Belltramelli, Brittany Foster
12 Girls Brothers Gold 3 0 Rum Runners   Haley McInnes Rum Runners Chris Benstead, Emily-Kate Williams, Connor Campbell
13 Boys Redskins Chiefs 4 0 Brothers Blue   Cathane Hill Redskins Chiefs Bailey Sloman, Paul Edmondson, Jude DiGiacomo
13 Girls Brothers Gold 2 1 Redskins Lakotas   Ella Blackman Redskins Gold Ayden Shefford, Charles Hellmuth, Paul Stewart
14 Boys Rum Runners Red 6 1 Rum Runners Black   Russell Aplin Rum Runners Red Zachary McMinn, Roly Warnock, Kel James
14 Girls Frogs Black 5 4 Brothers Bill **DROP -OFF** Georgia Keioskie Frogs Black Makenzie Weier, Rhaine Bourke, Marcus Muller
15 Boys Redskins Wolves 5 0 Jots-Tigers FORFEIT      
15 Girls Brothers Bazingas 4 3 Redskins Apaches   Makenzie Hudson Redskins Bazingas Lachlan Carey, Luke Prior, Taleisha Perfect
16 Boys Brothers Gold 4 3 Sharks   Jake Siandri Brothers Gold Brittany Foster, Chris Benstead, Paul Edmondson
16 Girls Sharks Black 5 4 Frogs Black **DROP -OFF** Hayley Buchanan Frogs Black Jamie Jensen, Marcus Muller, Paul Stewart