Referees Announced for 2017 Summer Grand Finals

Townsville Junior Touch Football is proud to announce the referees who have been appointed to officiate the 2017 Summer Season Grand Finals, to be played at Queens Park on Friday December 1, 2017.

Referees have been appointed based on their experience and performances over the full season, with our leading youth referees appointed to the Boys 16 and Girls 16 finals, respectively.

Congratulations to leading youth referees for 2017 - Makenzie Weier, Hannah Egan, Tom Schneider, and Bailey Sloman. They will be accompanied by leading senior referees - Chris Benstead and Paul Edmondson.

Congratulations to the following referees on their appointments, and thank-you to all referees for their tremendous effort this season.

Division Time Field Referees
9 Boys 5:45 PM Field 6A Brodie Dinneen Josh Swain (Bailey Sloman)*
9 Girls 5:45 PM Field 7B Trinity Condon Morgan Greer (Trish Fryer)*
10 Boys 5:45 PM Field 3B Ciaran Moran Daniel Murtha (Marcus Muller)*
10 Girls 5:45 PM Field 5A Charlie Childs Matthew Wilkinson (Abi Muller)*
11 Boys 5:45 PM Field 1 Andrew Edmonds Mackenzie Blackmore Tom Schneider
11 Girls 5:45 PM Field 2 Lily Parsons Maya Holdsworth Lachlan Carey
12 Boys 6:40 PM Field 6 Conor Campbell Hannah Kipping Jude Di Giacomo
12 Girls 6:40 PM Field 4 Alex Dietrich Jaime Humphreys Makenzie Weier
13 Boys 6:40 PM Field 2 Abi Muller Tristan Darr Tony Barlow
13 Girls 6:40 PM Field 1 Cassandra Carter Amelia Hawke Steve Beltramelli
14 Boys 7:35 PM Field 4 Emily-Kate Williams Graeme Broughall Shane Bolton
14 Girls 7:35 PM Field 6 Bianca Toombes Sophie Lew Trish Fryer
15 Boys 7:35 PM Field 1 Lachlan Carey Marcus Muller Conor Wilson
15 Girls 7:35 PM Field 2 Dean Saunders Summer Donnelly Lara McManus
16 Boys 8:30 PM Field 2 Chris Benstead Tom Schneider Bailey Sloman
16 Girls 8:30 PM Field 1 Makenzie Weier Paul Edmondson Hannah Egan

* The third referee appointed to each final in the 9's & 10's divisions will supervise the match from the sideline