No Card? No Start - Blue Card Changes You Need to Know!

There are changes coming to Blue Cards in Queensland, the message is simple and clear – No Card? No Start. 

These changes will affect applicants, cardholders and organisations. Starting 31 August 2020, the blue card system will be easier to understand and will provide even better protection for Queensland children.

The changes include:

  • The No Card, No Start law—you cannot work or volunteer in a position requiring a blue card until your application is approved and you get your card
  • A new rule for expiring cards—if you don’t renew by the expiry date, you will be subject to the No Card, No Start law and cannot work
  • A requirement to notify us about changes in your police information as a card holder or applicant
  • Stricter requirements for people who rely on an exemption to work or volunteer with children—through the introduction of the terms restricted person and restricted employment, and associated offences
  • A new frequency test—if you only work 7 or fewer days in a calendar year, a blue card may not be required. This does not apply if you operate a business
  • An expiry date for exemption cards for Queensland police and teachers, so they will need to be renewed if still required.

Important: If you have a paid blue card application in progress when the new laws start, you can continue working while your application is assessed.

Further information regarding the upcoming changes to the blue card system which will start on 31 August 2020 can be found here or watch the video below.