Spectators & COVID-19

If you're planning on watching any of our junior touch football matches this season, you need to adhere to our COVID-19 guidelines and Competition Rules. Read on to find out what you can and can't do.


Even though you aren't playing, you must still check-in to each match you watch. You can complete the check-in via tjt.org.au/checkin or by scanning the QR Codes that we put around the venue.

Need to check-in? Click here

Failing to check-in is a breach of the QLD Government's COVID-19 regulations and our COVID-19 Safety Plan, and can not only put us in danger of having to cancel our junior season, but may also result in hefty fines for yourself and us!


Spectator (Parents/Guardians) Limits

Due to the limits imposed by the QLD Government on outdoor events, our COVID-19 Safety Plan allows us to have a maximum of 1000 people at Queens Park at any one time while our competitions are on.

When you add up all of the essential people (the players, coaches, referees, and officials), it very quickly can approach this limit, so we have had to impose the following restrictions on spectator numbers (non-essential people).

  • Thursday (all times) - maximum of two (2) spectators per child currently playing*
  • Friday 5pm - maximum of one (1) spectators per child currently playing*
  • Friday 5:45pm - maximum of one (1) spectators per child currently playing*
  • Friday 6:40pm & 7:30pm - maximum of two (2) spectators per child currently playing*

* "Child currently playing" means that the child is participating in a match in the current timeslot. Children who are not playing must not congregate on the sidelines of active matches, and spectators should remain in their cars until the current match is completed.

Note: As the QLD Government relaxes (or increases, if necessary) their restrictions, the TJT Executive will assess the implications of those changes and make adjustments to spectator limits were possible.


Spectator Areas

At all times, spectators must remain AT LEAST FIVE (5) METRES AWAY from every field in use.

Additionally, there are to be NO SPECTATORS BETWEEN FIELDS, or on the inside fields of Queens Park. Field layouts are available here to provide a clear indication of what areas spectators are allowed to be in (look for the areas in blue).


Remember to stay away if you...

  • Feel unwell;
  • Have a fever, cough, sore throat, or shortness of breath;
  • Have travelled internationally, or to a COVID-19 declared hotspot within the last 14 days;
  • Have been tested for COVID-19 and are awaiting a result, or have received a positive result.


Have further questions?

If you have further questions, contact your team coach/manager or your club.