Looking to play junior touch footy?

To help you get started, here's some important information.

Junior Season

Junior touch football in Townsville is played from late August to early December each year.

Boys and girls can play our sport across individual age divisions from 7 & Under to 16 & Under.


  • Children turning 6 on or before December 31 are eligible to play.
  • Children turning 17 on or before December 31 are not eligible to play (please click here for senior competition information).

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Clubs, Training & Fees

All competitions are run in a club-based structure, meaning that you must register and play for one of our local clubs.

Registration fees are set by the individual clubs, so please contact your club to find out! Some clubs include uniforms as part of their fees, others require you to purchase them in addition to your registration.

There are no game or entrance fees associated with playing in the junior competitions.

Looking for a club?

While all games are played at Queens Park, club-based training happens all over the city!

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Uniforms & Playing Gear

You can purchase uniforms from your club, either as part of your registration fee, or as a separate purchase. Your club will advise you of this at the time of registration.

The correct playing top (shirt or singlet) is required to be able to play. If you do not have the correct club shorts, your club may allow you to play in a similar-coloured pair of shorts, provided that they are predominantly the same colour (a small stripe of a different colour is fine) as the rest of the team.

The only extra bits of equipment that you will require are:

  1. A pair of closed-in shoes:
    • Touch football boots are preferred (no screw-in, metal, or plastic studs); or
    • Cross-trainers.

  2. A water bottle:
    • Please only bring a standard plastic water bottle, no metal or glass is to be brought onto the grounds.

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